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Sitecore Hotfix Version Selector

Because of the fact we are running a lot of different Sitecore versions for our customers we love to have a good overview of the available hot fixes. Sitecore has a great GitHub page for this: Unfortunately it is hard to list all specific hotfixes per version.

The idea to daily crawl the GitHub page began to rise. A runbook writes the needed JSON data to a private storage account wheres we read the data using a .net app service.

Since the overview is depending on the tagging that is done on the specific patches within GitHub, there seem to be quiet a lot of versions available!

We hope that the application we made will give you a better way to manage and implement the patches you will need for your specific version.


  1. Are you planning on making the search/filter available via a REST/JSON service? That would be useful as I’d like to incorporate the data into a dashboard.

    I totally understand if you are not planning on doing this as it is extra work for you and you’ve done it for free for the community.

    Thanks and great work!

    • It is already public available, will send you the location via mail.

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