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Sitecore Identity server deployment: “AspNetCoreRuntime extension not found”

When you run in to the following ERROR while deploying your Sitecore XP solution, and in specific the Identity Server:

8:21:15 PM - Resource Microsoft.Web/sites/siteextensions 'xxx/AspNetCoreRuntime' failed with message '{
"id": "/subscriptions/xxx/resourcegroups/xxx/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/xxx/siteextensions/AspNetCoreRuntime",
"name": "xxx/AspNetCoreRuntime",
"type": "Microsoft.Web/sites/siteextensions",
"location": "West Europe",
"properties": {
"id": "AspNetCoreRuntime",
"title": null,
"type": "Gallery",
"summary": null,
"description": null,
"version": null,
"extension_url": null,
"project_url": null,
"icon_url": null,
"license_url": null,
"feed_url": null,
"authors": null,
"installer_command_line_params": null,
"published_date_time": null,
"download_count": 0,
"local_is_latest_version": null,
"local_path": null,
"installed_date_time": null,
"provisioningState": "Failed",
"comment": "'AspNetCoreRuntime' not found."

Azure DevOps deployment output

You might want to change the naming of the extension to: "AspNetCoreRuntime.3.0.x64", it seems like the extension served by Microsoft is not in the library under it's original naming "AspNetCoreRuntime" any longer.

"resources": [
"type": "siteextensions",
"name": "AspNetCoreRuntime.3.0.x64",
"apiVersion": "[variables('siteExtensionsVersion')]",
"location": "[resourceGroup().location]",
"properties": {
"dependsOn": [
"[resourceId('Microsoft.Web/sites', variables('siWebAppNameTidy'))]"

Hope this saves you some time troubleshooting.


  1. Hardeep Hardeep

    Appreciate writing this blog, i came across this error and i couldn’t have thought about naming. I am sure there’s would have come across this issue too.

    • Hardeep Hardeep

      I mean, others would have come across this issue too.

  2. Arkadeep De Arkadeep De


    I was trying to integrate this in the XP Scaled ARM template at the end of “resorces” object. But getting few errors.

    1. Deployment template validation failed: ‘The template resource ‘AspNetCoreRuntime.3.0.x64’ at line ‘2005’ and column ‘9’ is not valid. The type property is invalid. Please see for usage details.’.

    2. If I change the type to “Microsoft.Resources/siteextensions”, this error will be revoved.

    3. Now a new getting a new error ” Deployment template validation failed: ‘The resource ‘Microsoft.Web/sites/sitecorexc92-si’ is not defined in the template. Please see for usage
    details.’.” Here sitecorexc92-si is my singleWebappName. Can you please share your thoughts in this?

  3. Arkadeep De Arkadeep De

    You have said to change the “AspNetCoreRuntime.3.0.x64”. Which one will be replaced?

    • AspNetCoreRuntime will be replaced by AspNetCoreRuntime.3.0.x64.
      But note that (like David mentions in comment below) the quickstart templates have already been changed.

  4. David David

    The quickstart templates have been updated, AspNetCoreRuntime has been remoevd altogether.

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